Lydie’s Bachelorette

This past weekend on Sunday, August 23, 2020 was originally supposed to be Lydia & Nathan’s wedding, but due to the pandemic, it has been postponed as with most weddings of 2020. Since I’ve been off the radar for a while, I thought I would blog about Lydie’s bachelorette weekend that took place in San Diego back in March right before quarantine was issued. In addition, I thought it would be a nice throwback to tell the story of how Lydia and I first met in PA school :’)

The bachelorette took place during the weekend of CRSSD! We were there Friday-Monday. It was my first time attending a music festival and I was pretty nervous, TBH. Also, it was my first time meeting a handful of Lydia’s closest girl friends + guy friends. Everyone was incredibly sweet and welcoming as expected 🙂

The first night was pretty hectic because everyone was flying or driving into San Diego from different cities and states. A few of us had to get there before Lydia arrived so we could decorate the Airbnb. After everyone arrived, we had a few drinks, opened gifts, and played a few games! We went to bed soon after to prepare for a full day of events the next day!

Bridal party 🙂

Lydia and I first met during orientation week. However, we officially talked and hung out during a class outing where she gave me a ride to boiling crab. The next time we hung out was after class when our pharmacology quiz was cancelled, so our class decided to plan a night out at the bars/clubs in Downtown Sac. I invited her to pregame at my apartment, just the two of us… with a handle of Jameson that was stored in my freezer. She secretly thought I was crazy LOL. We had a crazy night out, where she ended up sleeping over at my apartment. We eventually started to hang out more and had study dates at my apartment. Our friendship flourished so quickly because we connected on so many levels :’) such as frequently being lost in class and asking the silliest questions when we studied together… priceless. We’ve had a handful of emotional breakdowns in front of each other and she’s literally seen me at my worst during PA school 😥 I’m forever grateful that we met during PA school because those 2 years would’ve been so different without her.

Nam leading a yoga session
Group picture :’)

These photos speak a thousand words. It was such a great weekend filled with many new experiences 🙂 I’m so happy that I got to meet all of Lydia’s closest friends whom she met through all the different transitions in her life. Lydie, you are so loved! We’ve known each other for a little over 3 years now & I’m so honored to be your MOH :’) ❤ Despite this hell of a year, I have high hopes that 2021 will be bright. Can’t wait for your wedding day lovie!!!

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