Comfort Zone

I’ve been living in Sacramento for about a year now and I have to say that the best part about it is living in this apartment of ours. When I first moved in, the only pieces of furniture I had were a dining table, study table, and a shelf. It was incredibly bare! Since then, Eric and I have been adding more furniture to our living space and making it feel homier. I’ve also added touches of my own style into the living area, ranging from the tiny plants to the few wall decors. Once upon a time in 8th grade, I wanted to become an interior designer and since this dream was never fulfilled, I used the opportunity to channel my Pinterest inspirations into this apartment. What I’m most proud of are the low budget pieces that were invested in our apartment because lez be honest, graduate school loans are no joke. 🙂 I included prices below for reference!

I absolutely love the big windows in the living room space because it effortlessly brings in large amounts of natural light into the room. I’ve grown so comfortable in this space that there are days where I don’t leave the apt for a consecutive 2-3 days.. hahaha it’s usually because I’m constantly studying or I’m deathly ill. Nonetheless, I have to admit I’m a homebody, especially when it’s in the comfort of my own space. 😊

Dining table $69: Ikea, Mid-century chairs $89: Amazon, Tripod Floor lamp $60: Target
Utility Bar Cart $40: Amazon 
Shelf unit $30: Ikea, Gold clock $20: Target 

TV stand $112: Target, Coffee table $51: Amazon
Rilakkuma pillow/blanket: Lydia <3, Couch $388: Walmart 
Macrame from Tulum: Lydia, 3 succulent plants $4.50: Daiso
Marble Tray $20: Target, Coasters $10: Target, Pillows ~$12 each: Target, Initial Cup $8: Anthropologie

I’ll end this post with a fridge magnet that my BFF Tracy got for me before I moved up here. “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there”. ❤️


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