The last time I blogged was about a year ago and many things have happened since then. I started PA school, I traveled to Taiwan and Hawaii, I learned, and I matured. I remember desperately wanting to move out of Monterey Park in search of new experiences and opportunities, but recently I’ve been missing this place more than ever. I miss my parents, my friends, and authentic Asian food. Ever since I moved out, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone while living on my own and with Eric. Overall, Sacramento isn’t as bad as I make it seem at times, but I learned that home is wherever my loved ones are.

Spring break feels like such a blur but I remember it being short and sweet. I went to Vegas with a group of my close friends and then returned to LA for a few days. It was so lovely to reconnect with my friends again and I’m so glad that I got to see my parents for a few days. I ate so much, drank tons of boba milk tea, and explored LA like old times. It truly felt like I never left. Here are a few photos to summarize my spring break! 🙂


Till next time! ❤


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