Hello everyone! 🙂 I apologize for being so MIA these past several months. Time is flying by so quickly and I am trying to enjoy every second of it while I can. I am very thankful for life as always. 2017 has been nothing but generous to me and I can only hope for bigger and better things to come. Firstly, I will be attending UC Davis’ PA program in a few months… Thank goodness. I was constantly stressed out last year during the application and interview process but I am finally relieved knowing that I got accepted to a program. I have a future!!! I knew that I wanted to travel internationally before starting school so I booked a trip to Malaysia and Taiwan at the end of 2016. I went on this trip sometime around January to February 2017 for 2.5 weeks and I had such an incredible experience with my extended family and friends. I will definitely blog about this memorable trip on my next post!

I recently went on a road trip with someone special… 🙃  We went on a 4 day trip to Las Vegas, Utah, and Arizona around 2 weeks ago. In summary, we stayed 1 night in Vegas, 2 nights in Utah, and ended our trip with a day in Vegas. We left Monterey Park on Thursday, spent the night in Vegas and departed for Utah the next morning. We rented an Airbnb in Hurricane, Utah for the 2 days that we were there and it was honestly one of the most beautiful rentals I’ve ever stayed at. We had a hot tub, jacuzzi, infinity pool, and BBQ pit in the convenience of our backyard. This was my first time in an infinity pool and it overlooked stunning red-rock terrains. We enjoyed our stay for the most part, but after eating American cuisine and fast food for 2 days in a row, we caught ourselves desperately wanting to return home to Monterey Park… We jam packed our schedule on Saturday with a visit to Zion National Park and Horseshoe Bend. We were also planning to go to Antelope Canyon but there wasn’t enough time due to unfortunate events that occurred in Zion. The town decided to have a St. Patrick’s Day parade through the one and only road that would allow us to leave the park. All I have to say is that it was a very tiring day but it was definitely memorable. We checked out of our Airbnb on Sunday morning and drove back to Vegas where we met up with Tracy and her boyfriend, Zach who had been spending the weekend there. We ate lunch with them at an Asian restaurant in Caesar’s Palace because ya girl was craving Chinese food the whole weekend 🙂 We went to play blackjack after (well, I mostly watched) and Tracy was making bank everywhere we went. Tracy and Zach had dinner plans and we ended our night with dinner at Bacchanals which I, unfortunately, did not fully enjoy :”) Even so, our entire trip was well worth the time and money spent because the experiences we created were unforgettable. 

Thanks for always taking care of me and making me feel so special. I treasure every moment we have together and I wouldn’t want to start 2017 any other way.


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