In the midst of writing my personal statement, I decided to blog as a way to express myself furthermore. I think it’s easy to say that I enjoy blogging about my close friends and how grateful I am for each and every one of them.

I took Karen out for her birthday two weekends ago. We went to Malibu and had brunch at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, which I happily chose based on a few photos that I saw on Instagram. I choose the place mainly for its beautiful view of the beach and its cute interior. We ordered a breakfast pizza which was basically a handful of sausages and eggs topped onto a piece of flatbread. It was definitely not what I expected. However, the lobster burrito was hands down  the prize winner. After brunch, we decided to walk on the pier and around the sandy beach for what seemed like an hour. It was a gloomy day but a rather warm and inviting one.


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This post is dedicated to you, Hammie! We’ve gotten extremely close within the span of 3 years and through this course, I learned that the length of a friendship does not define whether someone is just a “friend” or a “best friend”. You’ve been more than just a friend or a best friend to me. You’ve honestly kept me alive. You were there for me at my worst moments. You were and continue to be the first person I would call whenever I had an emotional breakdown. You’ve listened to me rant and cry about the most trivial things. I was able to express my most personal thoughts, knowing that you would not judge me or think of me differently. You’ve kept me accountable for all my goals that I’ve shared with you. I’m so happy to have traveled with you because your company always keeps me sane and optimistic. I am always able to be myself whenever I am with you, whether I am ugly, weird, or just plain annoying. I cherish our friendship TREMENDOUSLY because you have taught me to become a better person. I am more giving and more thoughtful because of you. I notice the little things that you do and you’ve done it all! I notice when you offer me the last slice of pizza or the last sip of a drink, even when I know you would take it in a heartbeat (because we are both piggies). I admire that you value friendship as much as I do. You never fail to put your friends first and I can undoubtedly say that you are one of the most selfless, thoughtful and caring people in my life. Thanks for always texting me out of the blue to ensure that I am okay. Thanks for getting me random gifts just because you know I would like it. Thanks for driving to my house late at night to comfort me while I bawled my eyes out. Thank you for motivating me to create this blog and constantly reminding me to pursue my goals. You always accept me with open arms even when I’ve told you my problems and worries repeatedly. We’ve written tons of birthday cards, feel better cards, and thank you cards to each other with similar and repetitive cheesy statements about our friendship. No matter how repetitive or cliche our feelings and statements are, I will always mean what I say, if not more. You are honestly one of my best friends and I am so grateful to have met you in my life. I don’t think it’s the similarities of our personalities or interests that makes us so close, but it’s the willingness to understand the differences we have and our acceptance of each other’s flaws that keeps our friendship so intact. I hope you know that I’ll be here for you through thick and thin, no matter what the situations are, because you mean the world to me and I would never trade our friendship for anything in this universe.


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